Hey Alumni!

We are in need of your help. Alexander Hamilton wants you!!!!


We are in need of alumni (or perhaps someone you may know) to help edit The Yankee Bugle Magazine. The Bugle has become the life blood of the Association and we are in need of help. The Magazine’s editors meet monthly to discuss articles, stories, and sections of the Bugle. Each editor is tasked with a certain section, examples being: Reunions (pictures and stories); Yankee Doings (presently what’s happening with our alumni); Throwback (pictures and stories from back in the day on campus); On campus Stories (presently what is happening with current students and the campus); Taps (Stories about our alumni who have recently passed away); and a whole lot more.

But we need your help.   If being part of a group that helps produce this magazine sounds like fun, please email hamibugle@gmail.com .


Thank you,

Felicia Chase Zeff, ‘73

H.A.A. Corporate Secretary