Dear Hamilton High School Alumni Association,

The year 2020 took many things from me but as a senior, it took the possibility to cross the stage
to receive my diploma and to be united with my graduating class one last time. In comparison to
previous years, this year has consisted of many differences, among those differences was the
reality of having our first, and hopefully last virtual Senior Award Night. I joined to
commemorate the successes of many of my friends incognizant that I would acquire any award
let alone a scholarship. The amount of joy, excitement, and gratitude that I felt at that moment is
inexplicable. I am honored and exceedingly appreciative to be a recipient of this year’s Hamilton
High School Alumni Association Scholarship. I would like to take this time to thank you for
your generous financial support towards my higher education. Thanks to your donation and
generosity, the following years will not consist of worrying about where I will attain the money
to pay for any expensive books or materials needed.

I am currently still a high school senior but I hope to continue my education at Santa Monica
College. My years as a high school student are not a fair representation of who I am today and I
thank you for giving me the possibility to demonstrate who I am now in the years to come.
Today, I am a colored woman who has many goals and high expectations for her future. I am a
hard worker and a person who understands struggle. I am now a person who fights for what she
believes in and for what she wants. Most importantly, I am a proud daughter of hard working,
undocumented parents. In hope to make my parents proud and help to be the difference this
country desperately needs, I will be attending Santa Monica College the first two years then
proceed to hopefully transfer to Loyola Marymount University with a major in Political Science.
I hope to attain a job within the political field to try and fix a system that was designed by male
supremacists. A system which was never designed to protect the social group other than the one
it was built by. If it has not been done by the time I am of age, I hope to become the first Hispanic
female to be president.

I will continue to work hard and dedicate myself to improve my future and be successful with the
differences I hope to make in society so that people no longer fear for their lives simply because
of the color of their skin. I hope to achieve change so parents no longer have to have the
conversation with their kids about what to do if stopped by the police while being a person of
color. Meanwhile I will focus on ways to maintain a high GPA and join clubs of my interest. I will
also continue to work at the Santa Monica Pier. After two years of being employed there I am
now pleased to say I have latterly been promoted to a higher position. I am a hard worker so I
assure you that this scholarship will not be squandered.
Giving back to my community has always been one of my priorities so I hope to be financially
successful enough to donate to programs which enrich student education and provide
opportunities like the one that has been provided for me. Once again I thank you for this
opportunity because as first generation student, I hope to set an example for my younger sibling,
and other first generation students that no matter one’s racial background or social status, with
will and eagerness anything is possible.

Michelle Castro Gomez
Class of 2020