Can you believe..

Sixty years have passed since the Forsetians
graduated from Hami High.

Let’s celebrate together!
Please join us for brunch
Saturday, May 6, 2023

Brentwood Country Club
(Francine Yellen Light, Member)

11:00 to 3:00
590 S. Burlingame Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Please RSVP by April 22 to:


$60 per person

Send check to
Jane Bilson Light
451 So Peck Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Or Venmo payment to
Naomi Glickfeld@Naomi-Glickfeld

Forsetiansly yours,
Naomi Blackman Glickfeld

If you would like to attend and transportation is an issue;
Naomi to arrange transportation.

If cost is an issue, the Forsetianreunion committee
has set aside funds for those who would like to attend.

Contact Naomi; she will be the only one that
will be aware of the situation.

Naomi (Nicki) Blackman Glickfeld
For any questions or issues, call Naomi at 818-917-4152