The archive of the Federalist Newspaper (published by Alexander Hamilton High School) that you see here was kicked-off by a collection that belonged to Ms. Edna Anderson. Ms. Anderson was the paper’s editor in the early nineteen thirties and had a number of paper copies of the Federalist Newspaper. That collection has been graciously donated to Hamilton High Alumni Association by her sister Ms. June Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell wrote:

These copies of the “Federalist” are from 30ties from Hamilton High School. My sister, Edna Anderson was the Editor and I believe they are historical and and of value to the archives of the school. Happy that these are still available and I know you will be amazed at what was available to the students to read and enjoy.

Best wishes,
June Caldwell

We scanned those issues and uploaded them here for your enjoyment.

Following that initial collection from 1934 and 1935, we have come across paper copies from many other years which have also been scanned and uploaded here.