These are the beautiful women that I respected, admired and was inspired by their friendship and love:

My Top 10 Hami-Ladies ( in no particular order)

1.  Eileen Peters – Best Friend

2. Diane Currie – Favorite Dancer

3.  Gloria Montero – First Love

4.  Nancy Neumann – Special Prom Date

5.  Margie Bernstein – Darn that George

6.  Arlene Soll – Most Exotic

7.  Bonnie Lloyd – Cutest

8.  Claire MacLaughlin – Favorite Buddy

9.  Peggy Starr – Most Beautiful

10.  Gralyn Holmstrom – My Favorite from Afar

Some I dated, others I wished I had.  They all helped me survive the awkward years of high school.

I loved them all.