Wow, That Was Easy!

Marvin Sugarman ‘53 PresidentWhen I wanted to know how my late friend, Professor, and Dean, Dr. John Biles was able to raise the millions of dollars needed to build the School of Pharmacy building adjacent to the Schools of Medicine and Nursing at the University of Southern California, he said, simply,

“I asked for it.”

I guess that’s what is needed. When Judy Davidian Bedrosian W’54 told me our mission to help Hami grads in furthering their education fit into the goals of the Karisma Foundation, she encouraged me to apply. Judy and her husband John endowed this charitable foundation, which has awarded grants to many worthwhile organizations in the community. I applied on your behalf to the administrator, their daughter Karen. The result was the largest grant to date to our Million Dollar Mission.

Judy, John and Karen: Thank you, not only on behalf of the Hamilton Alumni and kids we help, but also on behalf of our city, state and country. Your commitment to “repair the world” does not go unappreciated.

Now it’s up to you, our grads. We are asking you to join our five-year campaign. As stated in the last Bugle, we had pledges of more than $300,000 to date (as of April, 2015 it is $324K), with more coming in weekly. Now I need you to send me, via phone or email, the names of foundations or other charitable organizations with which you may be involved that share our goals. Even though we awarded 29 grants and scholarships this year (our best year ever), we can do so much more with your help.
On another note — I was reading the 34 class yearbooks belonging to master teacher Blanche Bettington from her tenure at Hamilton, 1950 thru 1966. (One day I will scan those yearbooks and email each of you what you wrote to her in those yearbooks 50 and 60 years ago.) What struck me when I got beyond the necessary, “cutest smile”, “best dancers”, etc. and noted “most likely to succeed,” I was amazed how prophetic we were at 17 and 18 years old. You can read about one of them, Dr. Howard Landesman W’56, in this issue.

How about those “most likely” in your class? We’ll highlight some of them in future Bugles. Send us your suggestions.

Have a wonderful rest of 2014.

Marvin Sugarman ‘53